With the weekend forecast calling for temps of -30C and windchills taking us down to -40C we might want to trade our bicycles in for something one would see in a Star Wars movie… :)

My friend Amanda rolled into the shop tonight and I could not resist playing around with photoshop and paint.

On a more serious note, if you are out walking or cycling do make sure you are completely covered as frostbite isn’t any fun.

For Squirt…



Save Squirt From Bladder Cancer

Our friend has started a Go Fund Me Campaign to help her save her beloved Squirt who was diagnosed with bladder cancer… the surgery was completed and paid for and now she needs a course of chemotherapy that is beyond my friend’s means.

To that end, RBF Cycles is offering a trade in kind where every dollar you donate will get you a matching credit on labour in our shop with a maximum limit of $500.00… as an example, our regular tune up usually runs $90.00 (plus parts) so one could donate to this campaign and pay for your spring / winter tune up or any other service we offer at the same time.

Please contact us if you would like to donate or go through the Go Fund Me link (or just click the image) and let us know how much you donated so we can provide you with that shop credit.

We hope to see Squirt enjoy a long and healthy life, she is a sweet soul and means a lot to us.

Stretch is all ready for his 7th winter, my custom extrabike has served me very well through many seasons as pickup, utility bike, and really shines in the cold weather.

It is a balmy -12 C and we are under a heavy snowfall warning, the 20 to 30 cm we are expected to see pales in comparison with the record snowfall that was seen in the east but we can expect that the roads are going to be more like bumper car tracks than anything else.

Folks here have short memories and seem to forget how to drive in the winter so it is important for cyclists to realize that although they may be stable with their winter tyres, many drivers are going to have a hard time of things.

Woody is also ready for winter as I got the winter boots on and had the brakes done… my dad used to joke that with a 4 wheel drive you’d just end up farther in the ditch. The Jeep is a great vehicle and besides that famous all wheel drive it has a heater that will bake bread and is really comfortable.

And I have to tip my toque to all the cyclists I have seen out riding this year, our numbers keep increasing and our winter cycling and tyre studding workshops were sold out and we will be scheduling more.

Keep the shiny side up.

Our Jim


My wife’s step father passed away on Monday while were en route to the upper peninsula of Michigan and although Jim and I never met in person, I could not help but love and respect such a fine man.

He had been diagnosed with advanced Pancreatic cancer in August and we all thought he had more time.

He did not like to fly so he missed our wedding in 2011 and we were so looking forward to having Jim and Monica visit or to visit them in Michigan, I would have made sure that we got in some good fishing together.

We shared the love of many things; hunting, fishing, antique glass and cast iron, and Polish girls… we really love those most of all.

I know Jim is in a better place now, the cancer had spread so quickly and he was in terrible amounts of pain. He spent his last hours at home with his beloved wife of 23 years, and his son next to him… beside the lake and land he loved so much.

Sales Update 09/09/14

Check our sales updates…

Tour de Perogy 2014

I started this event back in ’07 with the idea that it would be nice to wind up the summer with a ride to the Ukrainian Heritage Village when they held their annual Harvest Festival.

It is nice to look back on those past rides and see how we have changed over the years…


Such little girls…


We were a small group that first year…










I was away in Portland in 2012 and 2013 but despite that, the ride still went on in my absence… will have to track down pictures from other folks for those rides.

And here we come to 2014 when there were only three of us riding on what was a cold and overcast day where most of our time was spent riding in the rain… the skies cleared while we were at the village which was very nice.

I am pretty sure Brian has been on every ride with his Catrike…



We dedicated this ride to our friend Ian who passed away several years ago, we know that if he was with us he would have ridden regardless of the weather and the ride he was on in 2010 was pretty similar except that we also had some evil wind to contend with.

Brian and I raised a bottle of iced tea in his honour as this was his favourite drink, something that we despise btw.

And that little girl has grown up (she is now 14)… and back in 2007 I had not yet met the beautiful woman who is now my wife.


Time to start looking at 2015… maybe it won’t rain.

In Memory…

She was our friend and we loved her dearly… and she was taken from us at far too young an age.

We will be celebrating her life this weekend as a group of us ride out to Pigeon Lake on the anniversary of the epic bicycle tour she started a year ago, one that took her all the way to California, solo, and unsupported.

I think she would have enjoyed this greatly.

I think that the motorists should be able to see me… :D

Decided to go on a late ride and swung down to the south side on my usual little loop that takes me across the High Level Bridge and tonight was a little different as the bridge is closed for paving and this made things really quiet… and the new lighting on the bridge could trip acid flashbacks for some people.

Out of that silence a new sound emerged… with the bridge shut down and the crews absent there were a good number of people hanging out on the deck talking, taking pictures, and there were more than a few cyclist whooping it up on the new surface.

Amazing what happens when you take all the cars away…

Fill ‘er up…


Gasoline is running at $1.10 / litre or $5.00 / gallon right now but when you need to fill up the bike a good place to get some high octane fuel is our local Budapest Delicatessen, they are well known for their excellent sausages, smoked meats, and have the best bacon in the city.

But this takes bacon to a whole new level…


Comparatively, the bicycle gets much better mileage than our car as it will go farther on $5.00 worth of deep fried bacon than the car will on a gallon of fuel and contrary to popular belief, this will also keep you trim and fit (you should see my bacon belly) and there is less chance of developing road rage.

The ride of choice here is my “new” 2002 bike E semi – recumbent which I picked up in order to see if the laid back position would help with my back and hip issues and so far it has been very good.

I can’t run anymore (I hate falling down) but riding the ‘bent feels similar in that it is using more of those muscles without putting stress on my lower back and hip.

The Dawes Kingpin was introduced in 1965 as a folding and non folding model and preceded the introduction of the Raleigh Twenty by 4 years and most would agree that it is a superior design as it is built on a much lighter tube set and was handbuilt by skilled craftsmen.

This bicycle came to me in the saddest of ways as it was given to me by the family of my friend Ian, who passed away suddenly at at a very young age… he said I had inspired him to build up a small wheeled bicycle that he could use for touring and we had plans to do just that with me riding my P20 “Forrest”.

It hung in my shop for several years as I did not know what to do with it until a young lady came to my shop with her mother and test rode my daughter’s Raleigh 20 and they were enamoured. I told her that the Dawes was an even better bicycle and that we could build it up for her.

One of the quirks the Dawes has is that it was fitted with an obscure wheel and tyre that is impossible to source on this side of the pond so we decided to build it up on a set of 24 inch wheels with an AWC hub which is a three speed with a coaster brake.

This required that the frame be widened in the rear to allow for better tyre clearance and the seat and chainstay bridges had to be moved for what was a taller tyre and new fork had to be built as well.

I seem to have misfiled my shots of the frame after I started cutting and brazing… but the after shots look so much better.

The rear section had the kickstand plate removed, stays were widened (pressed) and new bridges were brazed in with threaded bosses for the fenders… the colour we chose is called Allusion Violet and this work was done by our partners at Cyclone Coatings.

The front section…

Putting it all together… the tyres are Specialized 1.5 cross, the stem and handlebar came from a Raleigh 20, and the front brake is a Weinmann centre pull.

You just have to have wingnuts…

I had a set of Wald chrome fenders which are fine in themselves but the mounts left much to be desired, I changed those to a modern style mount to allow for more precise adjustment and fit.

The headbadge…

Another teaser… that colour really is amazing.

And as they say… the full Monty.

I think Ian would have been pleased and the bicycle’s new owner just turned 11… one would expect that she will be able to ride this bicycle into adulthood and beyond and the look on her face when we rolled it out of the shop was simply priceless.

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