The Weather… and some rambling.

They say that if you don’t like the weather here just wait 10 minutes and it will change and can say that in my life I have gone from sitting out in the warm sun to having to clear snow and then been back out in the sun in the same day.

Aside from a week of bitter cold that took us down to nearly -40C the end of Januray has felt more like March with balmy temperatures and an abundance of warm sunshine.

Think I need to put some cross tyres on the old Peugeot so I can use it for days like today when studded tyres are not really that essential and even then, I need those more for getting out of the neighbourhood as the main roads are dry and clear.

The forecast for the next week is looking good with more above average temperatures… might be time to start planning the second annual “Frozen Weenie Ride”.

I am still recovering from my tilt down the stairs where I fragged both ankles and have to keep a tensor on the left one to give it some extra support… that foot was already half asleep so straining the working part of it has really made things difficult.

Have been doing some light cycling every day possible… walking and stairs are still causing me lots of problems but the riding has been relatively painless.

Now there is a bird on my head, he says “hello”… have been amazed at the verbal explosion that has happened with Lucce since he came to live here as he now calls my daughter by name and asks, “Where ya goin?”, “Whatcha doin’?”, and says “Hey boy, come here”.

He is still addicted to playing “Peek a Boo” and when I ask him about his former mistress and mention her name he says, “I love you”.

I think Amore is starting her moult… I see new downy feathers and she has been doing some non stop grooming and preening of late.

Taken this fall on a sunny Sunday afternoon…