Good for these old eyes…


A netbook is a wonderful thing when you want a compact and portable PC that you can take anywhere and they will handle most tasks save for intensive gaming and for several years the little Acer Aspire has served me really well… as long as I don’t forget my reading glasses. 🙂

When I was laid up for months and stuck on my back it was a godsend as I could not sit in front of the old PC but with time comes some healing and with a housemate who is an IT nerd, came some upgrades to the old desktop machine I built up 6-7 years ago.

In computer time that is an eternity and the old box has seen little upgrades through the years but decided we would turn it into a media and second machine so installed a new power supply, more RAM,  a better video card, and a  bigger hard drive. I picked up a 26 LG LCD television to serve as a monitor as it cost $20.00 more than a lesser LCD monitor with a smaller screen and fewer features.

Makes me think at how far technology has come since I first started using a computer in the days when 100 megs of memory was considered to be more than one would ever need. Back than I could not see myself ever using that much memory.

The memory card in my phone holds 4 gigs on a chip that is the size of my fingernail.

The old box runs a 120 gig hard drive and when I first built it thought that the 30 gig drive I installed was far too much and at some point will probably get an external 1 terrabyte drive as it does not seem like many companies offer anything less these days.

Will see if I can find a good deal on an SD card reader tomorrow as that will make life easier when it comes to working with images here.

For me, the best thing right now is that I can sit down and work on things and not worry about where I left my damn glasses and that the faster machine makes talking to that pretty lady in Portland so much clearer… 🙂