Not a lot of pity here…

Life and Style Cover

The girls and I were in line at the checkout counter and Alex was perusing the magazines and this cover caught her eye, she asked me if that was Kim Kardashian and I said “I think so”.

Dani had no idea who this terribly sad person was and then Alex said, “If she is losing millions that means she has millions to lose… there is not a lot of pity here. And she gained 15 pounds… tragic.”


It has been a long haul over the past four years and these girls have gone through a great deal and know that money has been very tight at times, Alex’s usually question when they come for their two weeks is, “so… are we eating like college students this week?”.

It is not that they lack for anything and we have had lots of help but the hardest thing might be not being able to get those things that these girls want instead of always making sure they get what they need.

A father would like to spoil his daughters now and then and it seems that when I do, and even if it is small things, these girls have a deep appreciation for having what they need and having the really important things in life that money cannot buy.

I have finally started to receive a partial benefit from the WCB and even though it is partial, it is more than my disability pension pays and will be pursuing them even harder now that they have accepted fiduciary responsibility.

I am going to spoil them a little even though the things I have picked up that thrill them are things we needed that I have held off buying until now.

On the way home we talked more and Dani said, “If Kim had to live like a college student I still wouldn’t feel sorry for her, because there are people who cannot afford food at all.”

I am making chana dal for dinner tomorrow and this has been one of those meals that every college student and single parent should know how to make… it is one of my daughter’s favourite foods, I have told them that when they are poor college students, it does not mean they have to live on mac and cheese as that just means no-one taught you how to cook affordable healthy meals.

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful children.