Updates… for those who care.

My battle with the Worker’s Compensation Board has now been going on for over four years after I was injured on the job and then suffered further injury due to mis-applied physiotherapy by way of the W.C.B.

They had all the information they needed, problem was they were not willing to accept an injury that came with a higher liability which is what is most important to them.

They continue to avoid taking full responsibility or accept that the “back strain” they said I had was actually a neurological injury and to date they are willing to accept a claim for myofascial pain syndrome, which is only secondary to the nerve damage in my back.

To them it is all about calculating liability and how they will try at every turn to minimize this and avoid their fiduciary responsibility even though they have now admitted to “dropping the ball” and told me they should have stayed involved in my case.

To my benefit I seem to have a better case manager at the W.C.B. who seems to be working fairly hard to correct things although she is hampered by managers and supervisors who have been in the game far longer and have more to lose.

Have been fitted with a TENS / EMS which is a little unit I plug into my back via electrodes and it has been doing a good job of blocking pain signals and will stimulate muscles and stop spasms.

The W.C.B. has still not accepted the fact that,  unless there is some medical breakthrough,  that this is a permanent injury and that they had a part in making it this way.

They will see the light.