Some Local Content

At present Arvon Cycles is the only local frame builder here but back in the late 1980’s and 1990’s there were several more builders plying their craft and trade in Edmonton and I am fortunate to have several examples of these bicycles.

Most recently I picked up a hand built Proctor road bicycle which I am in the process of refitting with a full Shimano 600 / Ultegra group  and this will be the first bicycle I have owned that will have those newfangled “brifters”… I have worked on them enough and ridden them a great deal but as of yet have not fitted any to my own bicycles.

It is a beautifully made bicycle with a rather unique wishbone seatstay and is on the light end of the scale for a steel road bike at 21 pounds and change and will be lighter once I build proper racing wheels and fit lighter weight tyres. The current wheel set is tour worthy so if anyone is looking for something like this send me a note.

The bicycle rides and handles beautifully (something about being on rails) and have set it up for riding in the river valley where a slightly lower climbing gear will make assaulting those 10% grades a little easier, but not too easy.

My other locally built frame was built by Jim Moulden and is a rigid XC mountain bike with a frame that is as light as any steel road bike and this was a gift from a friend I received last year.

Quite often I find myself reaching for this bicycle when I am heading out as it gives up little to any road bicycle and with the wider 2.0 slicks it can also handle the hard pack and gravel trails in the river valley. Last September I took it on a century ride at the Tour De Perogy and it rates as one of the most enjoyable 100 miles I have ever ridden.

Twenty two years of life have taken some toll on the frame and fork and I will be tearing down the bike to have it re-coated at our shop which just upgraded the powder coating equipment. I am looking at stealth bomber grey as among other things… this is my midnight ride bike.

An interesting note on those tyres: They are Schwalbe Hurricanes that I purchased 5 years ago and in that time they have been used on quite a number of bicycles and have rolled more than 10,000 km and never caused me a moment of grief or a single flat. They still look nearly as good as the new Hurricanes I have sitting in my shop and the folks at Schwalbe are amazed at the mileage I have gotten from these.