I Was Just Riding Along…

I was riding along, singing a song… and showing my friend how to pop wheelies as she thought this would be a beneficial skill to have and one she had never been taught. In showing her how to pop the aforementioned wheelie I heard a snap which was the sound of the granny ring on my bike breaking.

When one is in the business of bicycles you hear “I was just riding along” a good deal of the time and it implies that the part in question spontaneously failed for no reason when there is usually a reason behind the failure.

In this case it seems that somewhere along the way I lost a chain ring bolt and in applying what was a decent amount of torque to the bike, caused the granny ring to break.

It was easy enough the bend the ring back so that it did not hit the bottom bracket or snag the rear derailleur cable and replacing the old aluminium ring with the same steel ring took all of 20 minutes and along with a few new chain ring, bolts, and spacers, I added a little loctite to prevent this from happening again.

In looking at my trusty old Kuwahara Shasta I see that it might have to get put on the list for powdercoating… despite the scruffiness it is a hand built frame on Ishiwata tubes and not one that could be easily replaced.