The Bikemobile…

After more than three years of being car free I now have an automobile which I have christened the Bikemobile.. it is a 1993 Nissan Sentra that I took in trade for some bike work and it has been gathering leaves in my driveway for the better part of a year.

It is a solid little car with an inordinate amount of interior space, is driven by a 1.6 litre EFI 4 cyclinder that is rated for over 40 mpg on the highway, and aside from the automatic transmission is as basic a car there is with no AC and no power anything.

I have always liked the Sentra (my last car was a 1990 Sentra coupe) and the traditional sedan is nice as it has great peripheral visibility as opposed to the trend among modern cars to have high rear ends with a multitude of blind spots and a claustrophobic feel to them. The interior space on the Sentra is more like a mid sized car than a compact and I can sit in the back seat without banging my knees on the driver’s seat.

We are planning on taking a trip to Portland in July and the cost of driving will be much less than flying, we will get to see some new places, and not running the risk of having my daughters molested by the TSA is priceless.

I have no plans to take up driving on a daily basis and will remain car light and the car will serve for taking longer trips with my family and as a bike hauler… to that end I installed some roof rails today as I can load just about any bike quickly and easily and found that the rack is perfect for the Raleigh Twenty, which is not a bike that can be hung from the rear rack without a cross bar.

The clamp fixes very securely to the Twenty’s down tube braces…

It has a full sized spare in the trunk… which is spacious and has a low entry which is good for loading things like my Raleigh Twenty.

Will be taking our first road trip this weekend to visit family and would normally ride the 70 miles but have to bring my desktop computer so my nephew can service it… have been using my old desktop machine which is to my new machine what the Nissan is to a Porsche and in that respect, I really miss the speed.