The Baby Bobber Birds…

My friend Paulette was a wonderful human being and as kind and generous a person as I ever met… we worked together at Catholic Social Services for many years and she was beloved by staff and clients alike for her warmth, honesty, and common sense approach to all things.

One of her great loves was bird watching and Hawrelak Park was a favourite location and she loved the “baby bobber birds” which is what she called the diving ducks. The other night I rode down and stopped to see the baby bobber birds and as always, remembered my friend who loved these birds.

She was only 40 when she died… she had been in a car accident and had broken her leg and was just about ready to come back to work after being house bound for months. She had been talking to me about getting a bicycle as she wanted to get in better shape and one morning she was getting ready for the day and an undetected blood clot in her leg decided to move to her heart.

We kept each other sane during what had been rather stressful times in both our lives and formed the 65’r club as we were both 1965 models.

She would have enjoyed the birds greatly.