Moulden Redux – My Stealth Bomber.

I received this custom built Moulden in 2011… a friend stopped by and asked me if I would like this bicycle and discovered that it was more a case of LOVE than like once I got the bicycle built up with new wheels and had swapped the stem and bars for drops instead of straight bars.

It was built around 1990 here in Edmonton by Jim Moulden who founded Hardcore Bicycle over 20 years ago and who has since retired from the bicycle business to follow other pursuits… he built some very nice bicycles and this ultra light mountain bike is a very well made machine.

If there was one issue with the bike it was the condition of the paint which had seen over 20 years of use and abuse and it was starting to come off in places and the pastel blue never spun my crank although a lot of people said they liked it.

When I left for Portland to attend UBI I stripped the bike down and left it with Arvon so it could get powder coated and I had planned to go with a stealthier look, to that end I had built up the bike with black and grey parts and when I returned I had a bike to rebuild.

Putting the bike back together took a few hours as I chased all the threads on the frame and fork and after that it went very smoothly… it usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to build a bike up from the frame and I am very familiar with this frame.

Will say that I am very pleased with the results and my new stealth bomber… 🙂

With a little fall colour.

Moulden XC Custom