Raving Knife Fiend ?

I like well made tools and to me, a knife is a tool that serves many purposes and like to think I have a nice little collection in the kitchen but after a theft some years ago I lost some of my favourite outdoor knives and have been working to rebuild that little collection.

My favourite knife of all time was a Frost Mora that I got from my grandfather, it was a knife he had purchased on a trip to Sweden in the sixties and this was the only knife I missed.

While I was in Portland we made a visit to the Leatherman store and I think my wife was tired of me stealing her Leatherman and I had given away my other lighter multi tools with the intent of upgrading. To that end I picked up a Leatherman Surge which is one of their heavy duty models as well a number of accessories like the bit driver and extra blades which can be exchanged and store neatly in the case.

On a quest to replace my beloved Mora I went to the gun and knife show that happened a few weeks ago and narrowly missed picking up a vintage Mora from a dealer but did find another knife I had been looking at and drooling over for some time.

The Fallkniven F1 is considered to be one of the best outdoor / survival knives made and is made in Sweden with a VG10 laminated steel blade. Laminated blades are a speciality of Swedish knife makers and are made by sandwiching two different types of steel together and then heat treating the softer outer alloy to give it the desired hardness and edge holding that these knives are legendary for. The F1 is also the standard issue for the Swedish Air Force and has gained a huge following since it’s release.

It is a heavier knife than the classic Mora with a full tang that allows it to be hammered as a bayonet through small logs to split them, it possesses excellent balance, has a great grip, and a blade that you can shave with right out of the box.

One could also buy a dozen Mora knives for the price of an F1 but I figure that this is a knife I can hand down to my grandchildren and it should serve me well on future adventures.

I did find a number of Mora knives although it was only the classic model with the carbon blade and not the laminated blade I really desire… and when I say “only” that should not diminish the fact that these are very nice knives and perhaps the best value on the market.

The two knives were exactly the same until I stripped and antiqued one of the handles (bottom knife)… this is the Jonsson variant of a knife that is also branded and sold as Frost and Erikson.

Finally… my wife will not have to worry about me borrowing her Leatherman PST as I found one in new and unused condition at the show and find it it just the right size for an every day carry while the Surge is for when greater tasks are at hand.

Also shown is an Opinel No. 7 I picked up as a birthday gift for myself and my inexpensive but very handy Buck Bantam… the Opinel is a classic design that has been in production for over 120 years and may be the most popular knife ever made.

I think it is a little work of art.

The Opinel No. 7 weighs 1.3 oz and is about the same size as a Bic lighter and am quite sure it will often replace my Buck knife as an every day carry.