Wrapping Things Up…

Final update of the day, or rather evening.

It is always essential that when you are out in the great beyond you will always need extra cord or line to secure things, build shelters, or replace a broken shoe lace and carrying cord can be a hassle.

To that end, “whipping” is a very simple technique for making your knife sheath or axe handle a place to store a little or a lot of spare cord which in my case, is 550 paracord which is light, strong, and cheap. The 550 refers to it’s breaking strength which is 550 pounds and it costs about 10 cents a foot.

The wrapping on my Fiskar axe serves several purposes as it adds shock absorption and a wrist strap as well as 50 feet of bright orange paracord while the wrapping on my knife sheaths adds 8 feet on the Fallkniven F1 and about 4 feet on the smaller Mora.

It only takes a minute to wrap a knife sheath and a few more to fully wrap an axe handle.