Gotta Keep Moving.

Yes, there is a bicycle parked in my bedroom… but I don’t sleep with it.

People say I am a smart guy although that is debatable… but if I can claim to have any iota of intelligence it stems from being smart enough to have married my wife.

She said I should take it easy today as the last week has been a wrecker and has taken quite a toll on the body, blogging is that strenuous, and I am due to catch up on things here.

My housemate of the past two years moved out last week or rather, moved downstairs to the newly remodeled basement suite so for the first time since we have lived here, we have the house all to ourselves and a whole bunch of extra space to live in. That will change a little once Donna’s Visa application is approved and she gets to come and spend forever with us but that will only make things cozier.

I moved down from the second floor to the now vacant master bedroom and that went well… the only thing that was awkward was my box spring and I remembered how hard it was to get it upstairs. Was amazing to see how big that room is without Doug and all his stuff and I think he now has more room than he knows what to do with.

I had promised Alex that once I moved that she would get my room upstairs and it took her no time at all to make herself a new cozy nest (or lair), which gives her enough room to dance in which is what every teenage girl wants.

Up next… we will be turning Alex’s old bedroom into a sewing and craft room and Dani is thrilled with this. Just as I believe in the separation of church and state, separating Dani from her multitude of crafting projects and giving her a dedicated space to work in will be wonderful.

Talouse was checking out the new bedroom the other day and think she approves… she is flying around the house like a pro and will follow me everywhere and comes to me when I call her.

Bijoux took a few days to get things sorted out… her people are not where they are supposed to be and she is getting a lot of exercise running up and down two flights of stairs to make sure all her people are getting enough love.