Ch ch ch changes….

It has been a busy week in the bike spa as I have been re-tooling so that I can start doing brazing work here… it has been coming together nicely and I am so thankful for the good friends I have who have been such a great help.

Yesterday I picked up a new steel workbench and tool cabinet with the help of my good friend Al… I plan to use the steel table for layout and brazing work and it will be getting a 1/4 steel plate to improve what I think is already a nice design. The table top folds down and it has two hydraulic dampers to make this a smooth and safe operation that you can do with one hand.

The pad under the compressor keeps it from dancing across the shop floor while the oxygen and propane are the weapons of choice for brazing steel. A lot of people use acetylene but when you combine the extra cost, shipping and storage concerns, and the fact it makes me sicker than a dog, propane is the way to go.

The most important upgrade might be in the new 80,000 btu space heater which replaces my 23,000 btu kerosene heater… in the space of an hour my shop went from -5C to 15C with the unit running at half it’s possible output.

If anyone needs a gently used and very nice kerosene heater that can be used indoors just drop me a note and we can haggle.

Time to get back to work here…