Snow Day

I guess that sometimes you have to go and brush the snow off the bike too…

Yesterday’s little blizzard left another 9-17 cm of snow on top of what has already fallen and the city is considering a seasonal parking ban due to the unusually high levels of snow we have received. December is our snowiest month and think we have seen nearly 50cm, or 20 inches of snow so far.

I have been so busy of late with the shop renovations and overhauling the house that I have not had the time or energy to get out and ride and this may be one of the longest layoffs I have had in years… and I will need to address that.

I think the much increased pain levels are a result of what my beautiful wife would describe as “overdoing things” combined with a lack of therapeutic riding.

My friends dropped off some high tech thermal wrap yesterday so this afternoon I will insulate the battery case for the Extrabike and think that a little later on I will power my way over to the bike co-op to keep the guys company… the shop is pretty quiet in the winter although we stay open a few days a week at each location to service the needs of winter cyclists.

This will be a good test of the new AWD bike in what is some fairly significant snow.

Both the girls are at home today with colds… this is the first time I have ever seen Dani be sick with anything although she just got over Scarlet fever and was with her mom during this time.

Alex just got her first job and is supposed to start tomorow, she will be working at the pet store which is so much better than anything else she could get. The staff are great and think she will do very well and I won’t complain about her staff discounts either. 🙂