I left Edmonton on Monday afternoon and spent an evening in Wetaskiwin before setting out on Tuesday morning and made it as far as Revelstoke before I decided to call it a night. With our winter days being so short and the roads being what they are I thought it best to not be driving at night.

On Wednesday I drove nearly 1000 km and arrived here in Portland in the early evening after crossing snow covered mountain passes and then driving through what was non stop rain from the time I hit the B.C. delta and passed through Washington State and into Oregon.

The sun is shining now and we are enjoying some rather pleasant weather, this morning I changed the spark plugs and fuel filter in the car and saw a noticeable improvement in performance so I think I can also expect an improvement in the gas mileage which has not been bad on this trip.

Apparently… it is supposed to be the end of the world today and we missed it.

I guess we have been too busy cuddling up together and running all kinds of errands.