The Winter Blahs…

I have not been riding much since I returned from Portland but did get out today to run some errands on the Norco (Mountaineer) which is my dedicated winter bicycle in that, it does not see any summer use as I have many other bicycles for that. When spring comes I will make sure it is clean and lubed and then hang it up until the snow flies in the fall.

It was -13 C and the wind was negligible which makes for pretty much perfect winter riding conditions here as by this time of year, snow is a given and handling that just requires studded tyres to keep the shiny side up.

Despite having this reputation as a hard core winter cyclist I really don’t feel as if any of this is hard at all as once you have the right gear and more importantly, the right attitude and mind set, cycling in the winter really is not as hard as it first appears.

Have been suffering from some mid winter, post Christmas, damn I miss my wife blahs and really need to work on that mindset thing knowing that the best cure for this isn’t more cowbell, but more cycling.

We got some good news from Immigration Canada this week… we have to re-submit those FBI checks for my wife to show she has never sold drugs to children while dressed as a nun and some minor financial information and then I think we will be entering the home stretch and will soon be together here in the far frozen north.

Can’t think of anything that will cure the blahs more than this.