Coffee, Ride, Repeat.

There is nothing quite as good as a little freshly ground Black and Tan coffee from Earth’s General Store to wrap up what has already been a busy morning… and some busy weeks.

Got the kid off to work early and spent some time with the feathered babies, Noah is a baby Jardine or Red Fronted parrot that is a relative of the Senegal and Brown Headed Parrot and what a sweet baby he is. He is gentle and curious about everything and everyone, and is pretty much fearless. They are quieter parrot and have become more and more popular due to their gentle and playful disposition and are regarded as great talkers.

I decided that it was time to upgrade my phone this week and join the 21st century… I took advantage of Blackberry’s newest release of the Z10 by getting a really good deal on a BB Curve 9320. 🙂 I use my BB Playbook a great deal and with the pairing of the devices my Playbook now has mobile internet via the Curve’s 3G and with the Balckberry Bridge it really unifies the devices so that they operate as one. I can manage all the phone’s text based messaging via my tablet and Bluetooth connection without wifi and will probably load the phone app for the Playbook.

I am looking forward to the BB10 upgrade as I believe it will expand the functionality of the Playbook even more and I already love this tablet, which has been a great travelling companion over the past year.

And there is bike stuff too !

A few weeks ago I decided to stop by the north side shop and what to my wondering eyes did appear… was one of the nicest Moulton bicycles I have ever seen… and it was for sale.

This bicycle had belonged to my friend John and I have ogled it many times before and he had given it to one of our volunteers last fall… yes… given. He is the same person who gave me the Moulton Mk2 which is still in the works.

Quite sadly, that volunteer passed away recently and his family decided to donate the bicycle to the commuter’s society he was so devoted to working for… I could not pass on buying the bicycle and paid significantly more than the asking price as I am often the person who gets asked “how much is this bike worth ?”.

It really needed nothing mechanical (because John is a master builder) but as it had been set up for someone much smaller than me I am in the process of changing out the bars to drops, will run new brake cables, and switch the shifter for a bar end model. It will also get a vintage Brooks and a new Carradice Pendle bag and think I will have to take it to Portland at the end of April as it should serve me quite well for any kind of riding we might do.

Now it is time to refill that coffee…