It’s Springtime in Alberta… Seriously ?

Without a woman another winter storm comes raging through and the mercury is falling… and I am left all alone. – Ian Tyson, Springtime in Alberta

Last year at this time it was a little crisp but recall we were out riding our summer bicycles and celebrated St. Patrick’s day by going on a little pub crawl where I got to take out the Raleigh Twenty with my friends, Adrian and Brett. Last night I just stayed home and consoled myself with a few fingers of Jameson’s after I fulfilled all my adult responsibilities.

This is my precipitation indicator, the wheels on the Pug have sunk to the hard pack below all the fresh snow which looks to be about 5 inches worth and more has fallen since, the snow depth is close to three feet here now.


Pugsley 2013

In addition to being an excellent measuring tool the Pugsley is a pretty handy vehicle for riding through weather like this and the only things it does not like are black ice (but who does) and deeper snow. So when cars and bicycles are wallowing about on the roads the Pug just keeps rolling on and it does get a lot of looks as there still aren’t many of these rolling about.

Parking is never a problem when there is this much snow either.

Pugsley 2013

Now as far as spring goes, this is when a young man’s fancy turns to love an old man realizes how lucky they are to be married to such a wonderful and amazing woman, I just sent off what I hope is the last of the paperwork that Immigration Canada needs to approve the permanent resident visa and then Donna will be moving here, forever.

Spring is also a wonderful time for those feathered kids… you could cut the hormones with a knife and Miss Amore has finally stopped grabbing the bars and stretching herself out while saying what is the Ringneck equivalent of “DO ME!” and of course, Lucce remains absolutely clueless.

Looks like the snow has finally stopped and we are going to be looking at skies of endless blue over a deep sea of white and although it might look cold, the sun is now blessing us with it’s warmth and a kid could get a sunburn if they were not careful. 🙂