Pugsley Portage Custom Rack

Portage Custom Rack


One of the most common complaints I hear from other fat bike riders is that there is a lack of quality racks for their bicycles and when you ride a Pugsley you have to deal with a frame that has a 17mm offset at both ends to accommodate the wheels and wider bottom bracket.

Off the peg racks that do sorta fit utilize sliding mounts and lower arms that can be offset and to tell you the truth, I don’t like these because it introduces points of failure and most of them are not designed for serious off road expeditions.

To that end I decided to build a custom rear rack for my Pugsley and will say that building a rack is nearly as much work as building a frame, and there are a lot more joints to braze.

After working and reworking a few design ideas I now have what I have christened the “Portage” as it allows one to adjust the vertical height of their panniers by almost 4 inches. With the bags sitting low they do not interfere with anything that might get loaded up top and can be raised when you want some extra clearance on the trail or when you are crossing deeper water.

It has tie down points at the front of the top deck and could be customized further to include things like a u-lock holder, light mounts, pump mounts, or even be built to hold a battery pack for those who ride e-conversions.

Low mount…

Portage rack low mount.


High mount…

Portage high mount


Installation took all of three minutes as it is plug and play and specific to the Pugsley frame, a front rack with dual position low rider mounts will follow.

If you are interested in having one of these racks built for your Pugsley or need a custom rack for any other bicycle please contact me at keithhallgren@gmail.com so I can provide a detailed estimate.