Forrest, 2013

Finally got to take Forrest out for his first ride of the year and was most appreciative of those new fenders as we got caught in a thundershower… I do so love this bicycle and we have travelled so many thousands of km together over the past 5 years.

Drop bolt and a snappy new barrel adjuster for my v brakes… fork is suspension corrected in case I ever want to go that way.

The MEC tail bag is awesome, off the bike it becomes a backpack.

Have been riding the newly minted Moulton F all week so this was a good chance to make a comparison between the respective bicycles… both are fairly heavy and Forrest is MUCH stiffer (full on touring build) and gives up a little ride quality to the Moulton which has a suspension and 16 inch wheels. To compensate the Marathons are running at 60/70 front and rear while the Moulton’s 16 inch tyres run at 85psi. When I run Comets on Forrest the ride quality is excellent when those are run at 85 psi as they are much more supple tyres (but not as bulletproof as Marathons).

Forrest also has an edge in gearing with a slightly higher top gear that I can spin at 30kmh all day and has a stump pulling low gear which is beneficial on long loaded climbs… the Moulton will also cruise at speed all day with very little effort.

That Moulton… I think they make a great pairing.