Making Hay When the Sun Shines…

It was a dreary and rainy weekend here which was not the best way to kick off Bikemonth (which runs throughout June) and is chock full of bikey goodness, thankfully the forecast for the week is for sunshine. Wednesday will be mocktails on the bridge and Friday morning will see me going to the Bikey breakfast. If they need a hand turning wrenches I hope I am feeling up to it, the back has been causing me no end of grief and have been forced to slow down even more than usual.

I did get a few bikey things done on the weekend, one has to exploit the good days and working on bikes takes my mind off painful things for a while.

My 1950 Raleigh Sports was in desperate need of some new wheels and I had built up a set for another newer Raleigh (that no-one seems to want) so pulled them off and installed them. Must say the new wheels and Schwalbe Delta Cruisers look smashing and it also got new brake pads. I will rebuild the stock hubs with the same 650A Mavic rims I used here so that the bike has it’s period correct parts. Those 1950’s SA hubs are wonderful in their build quality and smoothness and deserve nicer rims.

It is a little small for me so I think I will see if anyone is interested in giving it a new home, before that happens I have a new old crankset to install as the existing one is a little scruffy and slightly bent on the drive side.

1950 Raleigh Sports

Have been enjoying the Moulton immensely and finding that the modern LX crank looked out of place decided to swap in a vintage Sugino Competition with 52 teeth, besides looking better it also improved the gear range by bumping it up and making the upper range more useful.

1966 Moulton Mk1

1966 Moulton Mk1

Managed to get out for a ride late this afternoon to test that new crank and rode down to the Bicycle Commuter’s Shop where I helped a little and although the ride there was a bit of a sufferfest (legs were not cooperating) the ride home was much better. Hoping that if I can continue to get in a bit of light riding every day that I can cut back on the pain killers which have been the only thing keeping me on my feet of late.

Cycling really is the best drug ever invented and as I often say, “it’s all good until I get off the bike”.