Rolling Up a Big Fatty…

Thursday afternoon my youngest daughter and I decided to go to Mocktails and after taking my vitamin I we saddled up the bikes with her taking her beloved Raleigh Twenty and I decided that the Pugsley needed to get out and with things not working as well as they should thought those 4 inch tyres would smooth out the ride.

That, and the bike puts the F in FUN… usually.

After riding 20 km I found that the tyres were great and you can barely feel anything under those tyres… railroad tracks, curbs, bike thieves… it just rolls over them. Issue was that the riding position was too upright for me and this has been a problem for a long time (I sold all my vintage roadsters when I could not ride them) and my solution has been to avoid riding bikes that sit me too much.

But let’s not forget the F factor here and the fact I really like riding this bike.

Friday morning I went through the parts stash and with some extra bits a friend had given me I had everything I needed to 65’r the Pugsley into a road crushing, drop bar monster. It did not take long as I have done this countless times and the end result is a bike that is more comfortable, faster, and the handling really improved because of the more centred riding position.

I hope that I will be able to get down into the valley and enjoy the trails where this bike really shines but urban assaults can also be more enjoyable than anything when you have the right company.

My youngest daughter, who is really enjoyable company, and I went to the market and did some light shopping and then we had an impromptu picnic in the park… 🙂

Prosciutto and smoked Gouda with fresh baked rolls and Limonata…

She is a little monster on a bike and growing monsters who ride like she does need lots of good fuel…