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1951 CCM

It must be six or seven years since I saved this frame from going into the scrap heap but I saw that it had some potential to be something else.

It is a 1951 CCM 300 that was originally a cruiser with a coaster brake, fenders, and a chain guard and would have looked like this…

1951 CCM Roadster

Since I had none of the original parts I started pulling bits from my stock of spares; the wheels came off a Raleigh Super Grand Prix and had lived on my Peugeot fixed gear for many years, the handlebars are some nameless north road model that got flipped and wrapped with cloth and shellac, the saddle is a well worn Ideale model 80, the tyres are Avocet 700:38, and a friend sent me the old Atom pedals.

I dipped the frame to remove all the green paint and then painted it a proper shade of red and found a reproduction fork and at some point will strip it again and powdercoat it as the finish is a little chipped and battered after so many seasons of being banged around.

It has a very high smile per mile quotient as it cost nearly nothing to build up and think I will certainly be looking at building some new frames in this style since everyone who sees it says that they love it and want one.

1951 CCM Path