Heritage Day 2013… Pootlin’

Last Monday was Heritage Day here in Alberta and I decided that after installing some new old bars on my 1954 Raleigh that I needed to go for a pootle… I really had not destination but thought I might see what was happening at the festival.

I warmed up by riding down into the river valley and then made my way back up so I could ride over to the Heritage festival which attracts nearly 500,000 people every year and pretty much every country on the planet is represented there.

I had ridden 20km when I saw a sign from god. The lemonade was delicious and the good folks at the church even gave me some freshly sliced lemon for my tea.

The routes down into the park were packed with people so I detoured a few km to take the less travelled gravel trail and the old Raleigh handled this wonderfully… although it takes you down it is like a roller coaster with a bunch of short steep climbs and the lady I passed as I climbed that next little rise said “nice calves!” I figure that if I keep riding through the river valley on a three speed those calves will look like steers… 🙂

I arrived at the festival and met some friends and then went and relaxed by the lake, drank my tea and enjoyed some excellent Reggae and Soca music being played by some rather excellent musicians at the Jamaican pavillion.

I like to ride here a lot, it is a very relaxing place and the baby bobber birds were there in abundance.

Zeus porn… it was an orphan so I put it on the Raleigh.

Looking back… the little white dot is the big pavillion over the amphitheatre in the park I came from.

All in all it was a good 35 km with lots of ups and downs, good friends, great music, some wonderful lemonade, and a lucky feather that my parrot gave me this morning.