My Favourite Season

We are enjoying one of the most beautiful fall seasons I can remember, the skies have been clear and sunny and although the days are getting shorter, it has been wonderfully warm and dare I say… hot.

I have always loved fall and think it has a lot to do with colours, the cooler evenings, lack of blood sucking insects, and the crunch of leaves under my tyres as I ride along.

I cobbled together a new bike this week and it would seem that I always need a slightly scruffy Peugeot in my life and this 1975 AO8 was the answer to that need.

The AO8 is the sibling of the bike boom UO8 and differs in that it has a matching fork rather than a chrome one, I  installed my old coaster wheels that are running a vintage English Perry Speed attenuator that rates having a nice Mafac Racer up front to provide real stopping power. The Perry makes up for a lack of skidding power by being one of smoothest and quietest of hubs.

If there is one thing about those surrender monkeys I really appreciate is that they knew how to make a beautiful riding bicycle and many bicycles that cost much more can only dream of being so smooth and well behaved.


The only thing that would have made today better would have been if I could have shared it with my beautiful wife… autumn is her colour.