Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Image Courtesy of CTV News

The Girl is originally from Detroit but came by way of Portland Oregon where she lived for many years, the intense cold we have been experiencing has brought out her Michigan accent and she says she has never experienced cold like this in her entire life.

We woke up to -30C temperatures today and when you tacked on the windchill it felt like -40C which is where the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales come to together… to huddle together for warmth just as The Girl and I do on chilly evenings.

I have been really impressed at how well she has been handling the change in climate, Alberta is a much drier climate than Oregon and her sinuses have been complaining a little, I had to explain to her that cold induced tunnel vision is actually normal.

We have picked up all the winter gear a girl could want; a beautiful  3/4 length wool coat was found at the second hand shop, she already had an impressive collection of wool from her years spent cycling in the cold and damp Portland winter, and we picked up some insulated shell mittens that compliment the wool / thinsulate base gloves that go inside them. Her winter boots have a -40 C rating and she picked those up a few years ago when she was here at Easter. Keeping her hands and feet warm is her biggest challenge and the mitten and glove combo was working well when she walked the kidlet to the bus and when she caught the bus to work today which required a short walk.

She liked my Seirus face mask so much she got one of her own… this might be one of my favourite pieces of winter gear. It wraps around your face and secures itself with velcro at the rear so is easy to take on and off which is good if you get off your bike and walk into a bank with it on… 🙂


Seirus Face Mask / Combo Scarf


I think that those of us who have lived here our whole lives don’t quite appreciate how shockingly cold our climate can be, from what I heard Edmonton was the coldest place on the planet today although it seems like folks are getting hit with cold, snow, and ice in places they usually don’t get it.

It was cold enough that the $1.00 car complained just a little to be woken from it’s deep freeze and after running some morning errands I dropped in the winter front to help it with warming up and this really helps with the heating system to keep the car rather toasty. For those who have no idea what a winter front is, it is a panel that blocks the radiator to restrict airflow in extreme cold so that that the coolant maintains a higher and more stable temperature and many modern cars can suffer from a lack of heat in very cold temperatures due to their smaller cooler running engines.

It is supposed to warm up to -14C tomorrow which is still colder than many people have ever experienced but it will feel downright balmy compared to today.