The Girl Cave…

Our house was built in the late 1940’s and originally had two bedrooms on the second floor, one of those has been split to form two smaller rooms and while our youngest shares hers with a Bearded Dragon named Pence, the other room has been designated as our craft and sewing room or, The Girl Cave.

What better way to spend a cold winter’s night than to have a place where you can create anything your imagination can dream up or where I can fire up my sewing machine… 🙂

Tonight I hung the new shelving where all the paper dies and a wealth of other craft supplies can be stored and when it comes to organizing spaces there isn’t anyone better than this than my wife.

When my wife was in Portland she just had a little corner to keep all of the crafting materials she has, she really likes paper crafts and has a wonderful collection of dies which warrant some heavy duty shelving as they weigh a ton.

Now that the shelving is up I understand that I might be able to get to my sewing machine (I want to make some pogies) and worry that I may never see my wife and youngest daughter again as they love spending time making beautiful things.


To be continued…