Meanwhile… In Canada.

The height of winter fashion in Canuckistan…

The Girl has come down with what seems to be the flu and is handling it rather well (from my point of view)… having suffered through the last H1N1 outbreak it would seem that we have better immunity despite not going for flu shots.

She is not running a fever and describes things as feeling like she has been hit by a truck which is actually much better than what a lot of people are going through right now.

If the Elderberry syrup and Nin Jiom herbal medicine don’t work there is always some Buckley’s Original in the medicine cabinet and I just heard that after a lengthy delay, this will be back on the shelves soon… we had almost run out of our reserve supply.

Dani has had to put up with me in the mornings but I seem to still have good hair braiding skills, make a mean bowl of oatmeal, and enjoy her morning music… she has been on a Frank Sinatra kick of late.

I went for my first ride of 2014 this morning as I had to go and pick up some fresh ginger… my hip and back has been bothering me so much of late that walking has been problematic but a short and easy ride in the lush and snow seemed to loosen that up a bit and stretched out the back.

The legs feel like I have been off the bike for months and I plan to work on getting in more regular riding to get those tuned up.

This is a lot of bike to carry a few ounces of ginger root but when the roads are covered in snirt and have icy ruts and bumps that feel like rock gardens, Stretch is the right tool for the job.

Our thoughts go out to our friends in the central and southeast U.S. who seem to have gotten our winter by mistake, our temperatures are supposed to get up over freezing in the next few days which should give us a chance to deal with some of the ice buildup we got from the freezing rain we have seen.

It is the strangest winter I have ever seen in my 48 years…