The black armband is my  Seirus face mask… with the deep freeze returning to the prairies the daytime temperature was  -20 C  / -3 F, this is a temperature where gears can freeze up and to that end, I have been riding my newly minted Raleigh Safari.

It is an old 1980’s all terrain bike that I fitted out with a set of fixed wheels I had built up some years ago, used a Nitto Bullmoose bar, a singulated Sugino XD crank, and some random spare bits… it is spare and simple and the Specialized team tyres are sticky enough for ice and great in the snow. For the gearheads the drive ratio is 54 gear inches which is enough to let me spin along at 20 kmh with little effort and the 2.0 tyres provide lots of suspension on roads that are akin to rock gardens.

I have not been riding much of late due to chronic pain issues so it only makes sense that I would be getting out when the mercury is bottoming out; it is good to get the legs moving and if the left one does not feel like working at 100% it gets to go for a ride and the lower gearing helps with that too.

So do painkillers.

Despite the temperatures I was not that cold… I can credit that to the relatively windproof 10 oz cotton duck pants and jacket that went over a polypro base layer and wool sweater, and those those Merrell moccasins I picked up second hand are really toasty winter shoes.

Only 3 more months until spring… 🙂