Ba Dum Ba Dum…

I hear tubas…

We stopped by A&W this evening to grab a little take out for my friend’s daughter… American friends will be unfamiliar with some of the menu lineup as A&W in Canada is a separate entity from it’s U.S. counterpart just as KFC was when the Colonel had sold off his American portion of the business but stayed active in Canada.

I still miss the old drive in and waitresses on roller skates… and the root beer tasted better as it wasn’t a product of the Coca Cola Company. I also remember the big glass bottles and mix you could buy so you could make your own.

But what really bugs me is that menu as it is just wrong… the burgers are actually quite good here compared to pretty much everyone else but it is how they serve them.

In Canada we have a Baby Burger, Mama Burger, Papa Burger, Teen Burger, and Grandpa burger and a Sirloin burger for your favourite Uncle Dork… we also have a Mozza burger.

Babies can’t chew beef (toss that in a blender), I don’t know why Papa gets twice the burger that Mama gets, the Teenburger is a measly single patty with bacon and should be 4 patties with extra cheese, extra bacon, with M&M’s sprinkled on top. What is most disturbing is why Grandpa needs a triple burger and does not get the top sirloin instead of your uncle… and where the hell is Grandma in all of this ?

What about the expecting mom burger ? This bad girl needs at least 3 patties, extra cheese, extra pickles, and whatever else that mom is craving. If she wants anchovies you better have those too…

How about the I have stopped eating bread and just want the beef burger with extra bacon and cheese wrapped in a lettuce leaf with some fresh tomatoes on the side ?

On a serious note… they will serve you a burger without the bun but they might look at you like you’d gone a little mad.

We skipped the fast food and I have souvlakis roasting in the oven… meat on a stick needs no buns.