You Can Ride 2 !

You Can Ride 2 is a non profit organization that provides adaptive bicycles for children with special needs  / disabilities that prevent them from riding a two wheeled bicycle and also provides instruction for children to learn how to ride.

You Can Ride 2 is a partnership between pediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists and the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC).  The collaboration of therapists with a background working with children with special needs and individuals passionate about cycling has made this program the success it is today.

I will start working with this organization tomorrow as a mechanic and bicycle builder, I don’t know how putting kids on bicycles can even be considered work.

I will be asking the people I know in the cycling community of they can contribute other things like parts and perhaps some specialized expertise, especially if they have experience in fabrication. 🙂

Please visit the website and if you are able, please think about contributing to this wonderful organization.

You Can Ride 2