Kuwahara Cascade – 1987

In 2006 I walked into my friend’s shop and there before my wondering eyes was a bicycle I had been looking for for some time, my 1987 Kuwahara Cascade looked like it had never been ridden. My friend said that he’d sell me the bike for what he had paid for it and after forking out the princely sum of $25.00 I took the bike home and after 8 years and 40,000 + km I think I have addressed the not being ridden issue.

Very few things besides the frame, fork, and crank are original, as parts wore out they were replaced and the flat bars gave way to drop bars early on and it became a dedicated touring bike in 2010.

Last year I built new wheels on a set of Arvon touring hubs laced to CR18 rims… the boots are some Marathon Racers and the freewheel is a Suntour Ultra 7.

The Biopace rings are new and a Suntour Cyclone GT does all the heavy lifting, it is such a gem of a derailleur and dates to the mid seventies.

The racks are vintage Blackburns and if they ever fail me I will build new ones…

The saddle is a Brooks Imperial that I received as a pre-production prototype, it has been nothing but perfect since day one.

The frame is built with Ishiwata quad butted tubes which was designated as an mtb tubeset, it makes for a remarkably stiff frame that transfers power extremely well and also has great ride qualities. It is a bicycle that is as nice to ride unloaded as it is when it is carrying the kitchen sink and all it needs there is a little pressure adjustment in the tyres to really dial it in for the conditions.

It has been such a great bike… and we have lots of adventures yet to come.