The Commodore

The Commodore restaurant was started as a family business in 1942 and continues to be family owned and run to this day… walking in the door you are greeted to the sound of classic jazz and along the walls there are animation cels on display (and for sale).

The decor is simple and the prices might make you think you were time travelling back to a day when a good meal did not cost a small fortune, and as another writer once said it will make you wonder why you ever spent twice as much at some posh restaurant for food that wasn’t nearly half as good.

If you like bacon and eggs they serve breakfast all day… and it’s a good one.

I start a lot of Sunday rides from here and having had my breakfast earlier thought that a little apple pie was in order and the coffee is just like the rest of it, good and unpretentious… you won’t find any skinny mocha frappa lattes here.

Our little riding group is called the DOGs which stands for Decrepit Old Geezers and you don’t have to be decrepit or a geezer to join in. The nature of the rides varies from leisurely pootling to more vigorous road rides and trips into the river valley on mountain bikes.

After some pie and coffee I pootled on over to Mountain Equipment Co-op to pick up a 7 speed cassette for Forrest, he got a new back wheel and the old Suntour bar end shifters were never made to shift 8 speeds and with a little modification to the shifter pod, it shifts seven wonderfully.

For the record, Forrest “pootles” along pretty nicely at around 30kmh as he thinks he’s a racing bike.

I stopped By Bikeworks North to visit and swap the cassettes and found that my friend had brought the Raleigh Twenty I found for him today, this is what Forrest looked like when he was first minted.

All in all it was a good day for a decrepit old geezer and his bike.