It Must Be Spring, They Are Breeding Like Rabbits !

This week’s work seems to have been devoted to little brown bicycles with small wheels and internal gear hubs; this 1975 Raleigh Twenty was just the first and today I re-fitted another brown Raleigh 20 and got very close to completing  the retrofit of a Dawes Kingpin folder, which also happens to be brown and also has a three speed hub.

I will write on the Dawes once it is completed… they are a rather wonderful bicycle.

It is like some guy has been running around telling people how awesome these bicycles are and how much fun you can have on them and the last Twenty that came through my shop was also brown and went to my brother from another mother. It is seen here with my P20 “Forrest”… who does not have a three speed hub.

I suppose that when you own so many of these bicycles and seem to be the three speed guy it is inevitable that these little beasties will find their way to your shop for some loving attention, and I do love these bikes.

They were Raleigh’s best selling bicycle of all time, there does not seem to be any risk of them becoming endangered.

Tomorrow’s first patient is black and does not have small wheels… but it does have a three speed.