Spring time. Really.

“Come to Canada you said, it’s nice in the spring… ” – The Girl

Despite the ups and and downs we have started to have some short worthy days where a man and his bike could get out and feel the wind rushing past one’s legs while you blind motorists and pedestrians alike with these lily white legs… I should really be handing out sunglasses here.

Best thing is that I have been able to bring bikes down from the rafters where they have been hanging like bats since November and get in a few decent rides which can only do good things for my back and legs.

Forrest got another re-fit this year; I picked up a rear cassette wheel and am running a 7 speed block with the Suntour barcons which just don;t have enough pull for an 8 speed and maybe I will upgrade those at some point, I also swapped the 40/48/53 triple for a 450/53 Shimano 600 road double which I could also triple-ize if I felt that was needed. With a small 20 inch wheel the 53 is the primary driver and the 40 is there for more extreme climbing and modern folders like the Bike Friday use a similar 39/53 set up.

Last summer I did not ride as much here because I spent so much time in Portland and also got5 a chance to get the Moulden out for a nice 20km spin which has to be the best ride of the year as things only started to burn at the end of what was a pretty spirited ride, instead of hurting from the get go.

Stopped by the new EBC South shop which should be opening in a few weeks, we are just waiting for some red tape to be handled and then it will be time to put the pedal down.

This bike was built a few blocks away from here…

Moulden EBC

One sure sign of spring here was seeing my buddy Ben, he likes to go for coffee at the Second Cup on Whyte Avenue and is 167 pounds of mush, I have never seen a more laid back and friendly dog and he is 4 years old. It is a good thing that he is so mellow as he is about as powerful a dog there is as he could snap your bones like they were twigs.

I have been exceptionally busy in my shop with numerous projects and as such have not been out and about as much as I would like, and The Girl has not been feeling 100% so I have been staying close to home.

The Girl is starting to get back to normal and I might see some light at the end of the tunnel in a few weeks… 🙂

Keep the shiny side up.