I have been thinking about getting another vehicle for quite some time; this growing business needed a light truck to haul heavier shop materials and handle mobile events, this family likes to travel, and these fiends also loves to go camping, fishing, and mountain biking in places a car might not take you.

And we live in the far frozen north.

When it comes to winter driving in Canuckistan few things can do it any better than a Jeep and the Cherokee was and still is one of the nicest utilitarian vehicles ever made… we happened upon this one (locally) and after some haggling it is now our second vehicle. We will keep the Nissan Sentra because it gets mileage that is almost good as it’s modern counterparts, is paid for, and because old folks like us (with clean driving records) don’t have to pay much extra insurance for the second vehicle.

We named him “Woody”.


Woody is a 1991 Cherokee Briarwood (with every available option) and has been beautifully maintained, we paid $22,000 less than the original M.S.R.P. and I have bicycles that are worth more than this truck.

The thing about our vehicles is that they tend to collect a lot of dust as we tend to ride a great deal more in the nicer months and also ride through the winter so our vehicles don’t see a lot of mileage.