Dr. David Hon spent seven years developing his first folding bicycle and he and his brother Henry founded Dahon in 1982… by 1984 Dahon folding bicycles were being produced in Taiwan from what were some of the most advanced production facilities in Asia.

2012 marked their 30th anniversary as a company and Dahon is one of the largest manufacturers of folding bicycles in the world and they come in all sizes, and they also have produced bicycles for REI in the United States and MEC in Canada under those company’s brand names.

Optimus Prime (a series 5) arrived on Saturday as a father’s day gift to myself and is a 1988 model which does not differ greatly from the earliest Dahon and compared to a bicycle like a Brompton, still stands up rather well in the folding department.

Having sold my last folder to a little old lady I was missing a bicycle that I could carry easily in the boot of the car or toss in the back of the truck… I like having a spare in case of vehicle troubles and often travel in a multi-modal fashion and will park and ride.

As far as ride quality goes it meets the claims in the advertisement… there is no surprise as to why Dahon has been such a successful company.