For The Boys…

My step son came by this afternoon so we could work on his 1975 Peugeot UO8 that I got for him 4 years ago… it was a beautiful orange bicycle in mint condition and he loves this bicycle.

A little crash damaged the crank beyond repair so we decided that it was time to upgrade the old cottered crank with a cotter-less road double and since I do a lot of these conversions I had all the parts I needed. A 3H bottom bracket spindle is the perfect replacement for the old cottered spindle and this upgrade really improves these old bicycles a great deal.

The old crank did not give up without a fight and resisted the normal methods of removal so opted to just cut the spindle as it was not going to be re-used.

After this is was easy to set up the new crank and I replaced the old Simplex drive train with a vintage Suntour drive and explained to the boy, (who is now a man), that back in the day, when the stock parts on these boomers gave out the most common replacement was Suntour. Have seen so many old UO8’s with Suntour parts you might think these were the stock parts.

Most exciting is that he will be back later in the week to fit fenders and studded tyres as he plans to ride through the winter… and we need to find him a decent rear rack as he commutes to and from work on this old French girl.

After we wrapped up work we took our respective Peugeots out for a ride and to get some coffee… it was the nicest way to spend the afternoon and he says he’d like us to go riding together.

Made me think back to all the Sundays we used to spend riding in the valley with his brother and cousins…  these were some of the best moments I ever spent on a bike.