It’s All Good…

Up early today as I had my regular physio appointment… seems that over the past three days I managed to knock my hips out of alignment so got that straightened out and then got more traction, electrocution, and struggled through my regular sets of weights.

The folk at Glenora Physiotherapy are awesome and will be going there for another 4 weeks and will then get a re-assessment… Brent says he is very pleased in the progress I have made over the past year although I still can’t wiggle the toes on my left foot.

Feel like I have been hit by a truck… but it is all good… I think.

Arvon stopped by this morning and I got to get a look at the newly completed separable touring bike and took it for a short ride and took a bunch of pictures I will post a little later… yes… I am a tease.

It is so wonderful to see an idea develop and come to such wonderful fruition… the man is a genius.