Our Jim


My wife’s step father passed away on Monday while were en route to the upper peninsula of Michigan and although Jim and I never met in person, I could not help but love and respect such a fine man.

He had been diagnosed with advanced Pancreatic cancer in August and we all thought he had more time.

He did not like to fly so he missed our wedding in 2011 and we were so looking forward to having Jim and Monica visit or to visit them in Michigan, I would have made sure that we got in some good fishing together.

We shared the love of many things; hunting, fishing, antique glass and cast iron, and Polish girls… we really love those most of all.

I know Jim is in a better place now, the cancer had spread so quickly and he was in terrible amounts of pain. He spent his last hours at home with his beloved wife of 23 years, and his son next to him… beside the lake and land he loved so much.