The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

Stretch is all ready for his 7th winter, my custom extrabike has served me very well through many seasons as pickup, utility bike, and really shines in the cold weather.

It is a balmy -12 C and we are under a heavy snowfall warning, the 20 to 30 cm we are expected to see pales in comparison with the record snowfall that was seen in the east but we can expect that the roads are going to be more like bumper car tracks than anything else.

Folks here have short memories and seem to forget how to drive in the winter so it is important for cyclists to realize that although they may be stable with their winter tyres, many drivers are going to have a hard time of things.

Woody is also ready for winter as I got the winter boots on and had the brakes done… my dad used to joke that with a 4 wheel drive you’d just end up farther in the ditch. The Jeep is a great vehicle and besides that famous all wheel drive it has a heater that will bake bread and is really comfortable.

And I have to tip my toque to all the cyclists I have seen out riding this year, our numbers keep increasing and our winter cycling and tyre studding workshops were sold out and we will be scheduling more.

Keep the shiny side up.