For Squirt…



Save Squirt From Bladder Cancer

Our friend has started a Go Fund Me Campaign to help her save her beloved Squirt who was diagnosed with bladder cancer… the surgery was completed and paid for and now she needs a course of chemotherapy that is beyond my friend’s means.

To that end, RBF Cycles is offering a trade in kind where every dollar you donate will get you a matching credit on labour in our shop with a maximum limit of $500.00… as an example, our regular tune up usually runs $90.00 (plus parts) so one could donate to this campaign and pay for your spring / winter tune up or any other service we offer at the same time.

Please contact us if you would like to donate or go through the Go Fund Me link (or just click the image) and let us know how much you donated so we can provide you with that shop credit.

We hope to see Squirt enjoy a long and healthy life, she is a sweet soul and means a lot to us.