I started with a scrappy but straight Raleigh Safari frame and fork, added some custom built wheels (fixed gear), Nokian 296 Extreme tyres, Nitto bull moose bars, and recycled some fenders, a crank, and fitted a Weinmann centre pull with some Kool Stop pads.

For the better part of the winter I was riding on mountain bike tyres which handle the snow really well but spring brings us a smorgasbord of road conditions that includes glare ice, lunar ice, oatmeal snow, and rivers and small lakes of standing water…this can all be found on one short ride.

If we had a Zamboni we could clear the parking lot and play some shinny…

Those Nokians were a gift from a friend and with almost 600 studs between me and the skating rinks that we call roads the traction is pretty much off the hook; there is no spinning or slipping and one can crawl out of those frozen ruts with wanton abandon.

I really like this bike… it is the honey badger of extreme winter setups and once the ice and snow leaves us it will just get parked until next winter (it’s third).

It was built for one purpose, to make sure I keep the shiny side up.