Alberta Votes



I have lived in this province for most of my nearly 50 years, and have always been stunned, shocked, and befuddled by the way Albertans go to the polls on a provincial and federal basis.

For the first time in those 50 years it looks like the NDP might make a breakthrough of the likes that has never been seen and that they might actually form the next government, albeit with a minority and an opposition of strong conservative elements.

If they do form the government I would hope they are very mindful that they did not garner the majority of the vote and that perhaps we are at a place in our history where coalition governments are the way to go where each party partners with the other to make sure that all Albertans are represented fairly.

I am not in complete agreement with any party platform but can say that after over 40 years of Conservative governance and mismanagement, that a change is needed. The corporatism and cronyism that is endemic to the Conservatives needs to be stopped and perhaps they will come out of this as a better party.

If the NDP form the next government this will also send a strong message to the federal Conservatives and they too need a wake up call, as they are even worse than their provincial counterparts.

That boot licking ass weasel we call our Prime Minister needs to go in the worst way.