You Need To Be More Careful…

Coffee always tastes better outside…


I was turning left on to 111th to head west from 95th street and after the intersection cleared I made my turn and half a block later I get pulled over by the gendarme who started out by asking me “didn’t you see that red light?” and then told me that “they were right behind me”.

I replied that I was making a left turn on the green light and told them that there was actually a very large pickup truck behind me when I was making my turn, and that I had signalled before turning. Also added that three cars had gone through the intersection before I made my turn and that I yielded for the pedestrian too.

It seems they thought I blew through the red light but then, I was riding the ‘bent and it accelerates as well as our car so they were probably confused.


They rolled their eyes a little but think they knew they had nothing and then told me to “be more careful out there”.

Yuh huh… why don’t you go find the homicidal granny instead?

Earlier in the day I was leaving the shop and heading home down Whyte Ave and when I checked the mirror all I saw was a wall of black bearing down on me… a little old lady in a gigantic black Ford had decided that I did not belong on the road.

When I made eye contact and yelled at her she told me to “get on the sidewalk” and for a moment I considered making an exception about whupping the ass of the elderly. A guy on a Harley pulled up next to me and said “that old lady tried to kill you”.

After the near miss I dropped into Mill Creek Ravine and cranked up the tunes and had a great ride all the way through the valley and stopped on the bridge for a little mental health moment… a group of school kids passed by and a good number of them started dancing to Bob Marley.

You never get this when you commute by car.

(The speaker hides under the seat and connects to the Blackberry over Bluetooth)

I guess any day you don’t end up as road kill is a good one, this guy’s day was wrecked before it even started.

There is not drive through here and in actuality, the car was hit by another vehicle in the intersection where someone probably was making an illegal turn or blowing through the red light.


Go figure.