Professional Stalkers…


It was either very honest of you, or a mistake to tell me that you had checked my Facebook page and made the assumption that I must be working an extra 20-30 hours a week but you should know that my “busy” isn’t the same as your busy.

Busy for me used to be putting in a 50 hour week at one job and working part time at another, and also finding time to volunteer, and have a social life.

Now that work often comes at the expense of my health and my social life can often be quite limited as I also have to make sure I don’t overdo anything.

I do my work in small pieces as I cannot stand for extended periods and any intense work, which is again relative, can force me to take a gravity break and that busy comes at the expense of me not being able to do as much around the house which means other folks have to pick up some of the slack.

But I do some damn fine work even though it often takes me much longer to complete.

I have no problem with submitting business records or other earning information, when I said I needed to check with my employer as to their policy on this you stated that I was unwilling to provide information,  I should let you know that this is not my first rodeo and can see straight through that tactic.

You said you had a background in business and commercial real estate… because I can do that math there must have been a massive pay cut to go and work for Weaselcorp and the only reason I can see, and I am making an assumption of my own here, is that you were a really bad realtor and a really poor business manager.

Today I am taking it easy, the narcotics that have been prescribed to deal with the pain also make it unwise for me to operate heavy machinery or drive, on the bright side they also relieve a lot of the stress I get when I have to talk with Weaselcorp.

My wife is sure I suffer from some mild P.T.S.D. and dealing with weasels triggers a high stress response and the less I have to deal with weasels, the better off I am and I will be referring further communications to a representative who does not cause me nearly as much stress.

I feel squinty…