The daily mail:

WCB medical consultants are an interesting bunch, lets just say I am having a very subjective day and that my capacity is pretty low.

“As summarized by WCB Medical Consultant, Dr. (Marni) Wesner: Pain is a subjective experience and the physician’s guide to return to work identifies that fitness for work should be considered on a risk – capacity – spectrum of ability. Risk refers to chance of further harm to the worker or to another person as a consequence of work activity and reflects the basis of physician imposed work restrictions. Capacity refers to strength, flexibility, and endurance which can be objectively measured and may increase with exercise and conditioning. Capacity is the basis for physician described activity limitations. Tolerance, however, the psychological concept subjective symptoms of pain and fatigue limit tolerance. Tolerance is not scientifically based and cannot be measured. Work restrictions should be based on objective risk and capacity, not subjective tolerance.”

I have never met Dr. Wesner and the Physician’s guide she refers to must have been commissioned by the insurance industry in order to discount and diminish the issues persons with disabilities face on a daily basis in order to boost company profits, and to validate those five percenters who work for the W.C.B.

This stands in contrast to one’s own physicians who’s advice is to “exploit the good days” and to “take rest when needed” and that based on my subjective experience that today is a day to take rest, and not to operate any heavy equipment.