Rolling Up Another Fattie…

After selling my last Pug I found myself in a state of deep regret and this past summer this 2005 Pugsley came up for sale at a price I could not walk away from… I knew the first and second owners of the bike and knew how well it had been taken care of.

The original single speed rear wheel had been replaced with a 9 speed and the components upgraded to a SRAM X5 system with Bontrager cranks, the thumb shift on the SRAM is really nice when you are wearing mittens but the bike also saw a lot of ride time in the river valley (and in the river), as it really is an all season bike here.

I just installed some On One Float 4.0 tyres, the Endomorphs it came with will get saved for warmer weather as I find these to be an excellent all round tyre that can handle everything save for the gnarliest trails.

I can’t ride my hardtail like I used to and the fatbike lets me go places I would otherwise not be able to ride and when the snow comes as it did yesterday, I am pretty happy to be able to roll up another one.