Hawrelak Park, Winter Style.

It was a beautiful December morning, and I have a fatbike… and one good leg. What more does one need ?

I recently installed the On One Float 4.0 tyres and am quite pleased with them so far; they have decent hook up, a fast rollout on hard surfaces, and are fairly nimble in the handling department.

The river isn’t quite frozen yet.

The lower trail is pretty well packed and at this time of the year does not get much sun, even at 11 am.

Then it was time to have lunch by the lake.

A quick gear review:

The stove is a Coleman 400 Feather (white gas) and the pot is an Optimus Weekender, at 7500 btu output it boils a litre in about 4 and a half minutes at what was -2C. The heat sink on the pot makes a huge difference and to compare, heating 500ml of water in the stainless cup (no lid) took almost 5 minutes.

Soup and mocha in under 5 minutes.

Winter is such a beautiful time of year to get out and ride, or walk, or cross country ski.